Using the services stripe in MSN

Applies to: MSN

The new MSN brings you definitive content from sources you respect and the best services for your daily tasks  customized and organized to your interests. Additionally, MSN allows you to sync your data from apps across all of your devices and browsers, including the MSN website and MSN apps on your devices. In general, most personalized items can sync across your devices by signing into the MSN site or your MSN app with a Microsoft account.

Sign in to Microsoft services

If you haven't already, sign in from the Home Page using your Microsoft account.

MSN homepage, sign in upper right

Sign in to other services

To sign into your services just hover your mouse over any given service to see the sign in option. To sign out, do the same as before for each service.

MSN homepage, Facebook sign in

To sign into your Facebook or Twitter, just hover over either item and sign in form the dropdown. You may also be prompted for your log in information for non-Microsoft services.

If you sign in to your Facebook account on the services stripe, you will be able to leave comments on articles that have “Leave your comment” at the bottom.  Depending on your Facebook settings, friends may be able to see the comments you have left on the article.

If you're having problems signing into a service, see the following help pages for information:

Office Web Apps, OneNote, OneDrive and Xbox music
  • Be sure that you sign in with your Microsoft account. If you're having difficulties see the Microsoft account help page.
Social Media

See Browser support and best experience for MSN, to make sure that you're using a supported browser or device.

Adding, removing, or rearranging services on service stripe

Currently the option to remove items from Service Stripe is not available. You can use the feedback link to request that the option be added.