MS15-027: Vulnerability in NETLOGON could allow spoofing: March 10, 2015

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This security update resolves a privately reported vulnerability in Windows. The vulnerability could allow spoofing if an attacker who is logged on to a domain-joined system runs a specially crafted application that could establish a connection with other domain-joined systems as the impersonated user or system. The attacker must be logged on to a domain-joined system and be able to monitor network traffic.


Microsoft has released security bulletin MS15-027. To learn more about this security bulletin:

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Known issues with this security update

  • After you install this security update, you cannot access data on EMC Isilon clusters.


    SMB/SMB2/SMB3 clients may experience logon failures to an EMC Isilon cluster when they authenticate by using the NTLMSSP (NT LAN Manager Security Support Provider) provider. Data that resides on EMC Isilon clusters is unavailable to SMB/SMB2/SMB3 clients. This results in data unavailable (DU) failures. Authentication failures may also affect clients that try to access data through HTTP-based protocols such as RAN.


    This issue occurs when Microsoft security update MS15-027 is installed on an Active Directory server that authenticates users and services that access an EMC Isilon cluster and when NTLM is used to authenticate these Active Directory domain users and services.

    Note Authentication to an EMC Isilon cluster that uses the Kerberos protocol is not affected by this issue.


    To work around this issue, use the Kerberos protocol to authenticate Active Directory domain users.

    More information

    For the latest status of this issue on EMC Isilon OneFS, see Technical and Security Advisories for Isilon OneFS.

    Products that are affected

    All supported versions of EMC Isilon OneFS. These include the following:
    • EMC Isilon OneFS 7.2.0.x
    • EMC Isilon OneFS 7.1.1.x
    • EMC Isilon OneFS 7.1.0.x
    • EMC Isilon OneFS 7.0.2.x
    • EMC Isilon OneFS 7.0.1.x
    • EMC Isilon OneFS 6.5.5.x
    • EMC Isilon OneFS 6.5.4.x
    • EMC Isilon OneFS 6.5.3.x
    • EMC Isilon OneFS 6.5.2.x
    • EMC Isilon OneFS 6.5.1.x
    • EMC Isilon OneFS 6.5.0.x
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