MSN Explorer: Sign in and connection problems

Applies to: MSN Explorer (Premium/Dial-up)

Sometimes, things don’t quite work the way they’re supposed to. Below are the most frequent issues people have and how to solve them.

Most issues can be resolved by doing some basic troubleshooting. Try these three steps. 
  1. Double-check: One way to have a problem signing in is to not have an internet connection. Double-check your internet cables or routers.
  2. Clean it up: Already read those messages? Delete or archive them totidy up your Inbox.
  3. Let's reset: At times, it may be necessary to change the date and time your computer displays to prevent errors from appearing in MSN shown below).
    1.  Close MSN.
    2. In the notification area of the task bar, right click on the clock (Windows 8 and above: left click once), select Adjust date/time (Windows 8 and above: select Change date and time settings) and then OK.



You were not signed in because the server could not verify your membership status? 

Occasionally you’ll have trouble signing in. While we know this is frustrating, it’s usually an easy fix. That being said, try the steps below. Chances are you’ll be firing off emails in no time.

  1. Try signing in again. Ensure your password is correct and remember that passwords are case sensitive, which means the capitalization must be right for the password to be accepted. In other words, type your password exactly the way it was created.
  2. Make sure your MSN membership is active. This may sound obvious, but sometimes details like this can be overlooked. If your membership is indeed expired, go ahead and renew it. If not, try our other solutions.
  3. Your MSN privacy settings could be set too high, blocking your access. In order to sign in, your privacy settings need to be set at 'Medium' or lower.
MSN stops responding during sign in and a flying butterfly appears?


  1. Remove your MSN account and add it again. Keep in mind that you must be the account manager to add or remove member accounts. Also, when an account is removed, all of the information associated with that account is removed as well, such as MSN messages stored on your account.
    • Select the Help & Settings menu and then Accounts & Billing.
    • Choose Remove member accounts.
    • Next to the name of the account you want to remove, select Remove.
    • Select Save Changes.
  2. Firewalls are designed to keep you safe on the Internet by keeping people out of your machine. They can also prevent some programs from working correctly, such as MSN Explorer. Check for firewall interference.
  3. The network could be taking a break, meaning there could be an outage. Check the network status by visiting the Network Status page and then selecting a service from the list.
  4. If you have dial-up service, your computer may not be dialing the right number, therefore causing connection errors. You can change the number your computer dials and dialing settings by selecting new access numbers (instructions below).

From the MSN sign on screen, select Connection Settings at the top.

Select New, then Next and follow the on-screen instructions.