MSN Explorer: Sign in and connection problems

Applies to: MSN Explorer (Premium/Dial-up)

Sometimes, things don’t quite work the way they’re supposed to. Below are the most frequent issues people have and how to solve them.

Most issues can be resolved by doing some basic troubleshooting. Try these three steps. 
  1. Double-check: One way to have a problem signing in is to not have an internet connection. Double-check your internet cables or routers.
  2. Clean it up: Already read those messages? Delete or archive them totidy up your Inbox.
  3. Let's reset: At times, it may be necessary to change the date and time your computer displays to prevent errors from appearing in MSN shown below).
    1.  Close MSN.
    2. In the notification area of the task bar, right click on the clock (Windows 8 and above: left click once), select Adjust date/time (Windows 8 and above: select Change date and time settings) and then OK.