Microsoft security advisory: Availability of SHA-2 code signing support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: March 10, 2015

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Microsoft has released a security advisory for IT professionals about SHA-2 code signing support. The security advisory announces the availability of a security update and contains additional security-related information. To view the security advisory, go to the following Microsoft website:

Known issues with this security update

Issue 1

Some users cannot install this security update if their computers meet the following conditions:
  • Have a multiple-boot configuration of Windows and various distributions of Linux
  • Use a non-Windows boot loader
  • Have Windows and Linux installed on separate drives
We have been able to verify that systems that have the Windows boot loader enabled as the primary loader are successfully able to install this update and that systems that have a non-Windows boot loader specified as the primary boot loader cannot install the update, even if the user uses that loader to select Windows.

Issue 1 workaround

To work around that issue, you can either use Windows as the default boot loader or you can change your BIOS settings to enable the Windows boot loader directly when you install this update.

File information

The English (United States) version of this software update installs files that have the attributes that are listed in the following tables. The dates and times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The dates and times for these files on your local computer are displayed in your local time and with your current daylight saving time (DST) bias. Additionally, the dates and times may change when you perform certain operations on the files.