MSN Explorer: Email and communication

Applies to: MSN Explorer (Premium/Dial-up)

Did you know you can use MSN Explorer for more than just your MSN email, or that MSN automatically blocks potentially harmful email attachments?

Add a new POP3 email account

  1. Select the Help & Settings menu, then slect Settings.
  2. In the left pane, select E-mail.
  3. Select Additional e-mail accounts.
  4. Select POP3 e-mail accounts, then select Add Account.
  5. On the Set up your POP3 e-mail account page, select Add Account and enter the User information, Sign-in information and Server information for your POP3 email account provider.
  6. Select Save Changes, then Done.


Received an email message with a blocked attachment

If you receive a message with a paper clip icon but no attachment, the file may have been blocked by the server to protect the safety of your computer. There are a few things you can do to receive the attachment:

  1. Ask the sender to scan the file for viruses and send you a clean copy. If a file contains a virus MSN can't clean, MSN blocks the file.
  2. Check with the sender to find out if the file was in a format that's easily infected by viruses. MSN blocks these types file formats automatically.