June 9, 2015, update for Project Server 2013 (KB3054869)

Applies to: Microsoft Project Server 2013 Service Pack 1

This article describes update KB3054869 for Microsoft Project Server 2013. This update was released on June 9, 2015, and it has a prerequisite.

Improvements and fixes

This update fixes the following issues: 
  • You add a nonstandard line for a task in your timesheet, add actual work to it, and then save the timesheet. In this situation, the actual work for the same day is replicated onto the standard line. Therefore, the total actual work is doubled.
  • In Project Web App, when you create a project from a template in which a budget resource is assigned to the project summary task, the project cannot be published. Additionally, you receive an error message that resembles the following: 
    Your new <project_name> has been created successfully, but failed to publish and will not be listed in the Project Center.
  • Tasks and approvals are not displayed on the home page in Project Web App when the Polish language pack is applied.
  • After you use the Turn in Final Timesheet function to send a timesheet in Project Web App, the timesheet can still be edited and saved.
  • From a project detail page in Project Web App, you save a project that contains cost resource assignments. In this situation, the costs on the assignments may change unexpectedly. For example, a cost of $1.16 changes to $1.00.
  • In Project Professional, assume that a summary task is edited in such a way that its subtasks are hidden, and the plan is later published to Project Server. However, when you edit the project in the Schedule Web Part in Project Web App, the previously hidden subtasks cannot be displayed and edited.
  • When you import external data from an OData data feed to a workbook in Microsoft Excel 2013, you receive the following error message: 
    The content of the data fee is not valid for an Atom feed.
    This issue occurs if the data feed has a custom field that has a lookup table and a graphical indicator.
  • When you apply a grouping to a view, and the view contains an enterprise custom field that has a formula, the values from the custom field do not roll up into the grouping row.
  • When you create a project that's based on a template in Project Web App, you do not become the owner of the project. This means that you cannot see it in the project center. Additionally, the user who created the template is set as the owner of the project.
  • After you rename a custom field that's used in a timesheet, the changed field name is not displayed correctly in the dbo.MSP_TimesheetLine_UserViewCF table, and it may be associated with another field.
  • When you set a SharePoint list indicator on a timeline Web Part on a SharePoint Server 2013 site, a duplicate timeline Web Part is displayed when you refresh.
  • In single entry mode, after you submit a timesheet, the timesheet manager can adjust the time that you submitted. However, these changes are not reflected in the tasks in the project. This means that the work that was recognized in the timesheet in out of sync with the project.
  • When you save a project in Project Professional or Project Web App, custom field values are lost.

    Note This issue occurs after you apply March 10, 2015 update for Project Server 2013 (KB2956178) .
  • In Project Web App, when you create a project that's based on a template, the tasks do not have the TaskOutlineNumber field value that's set in the template. This is reflected when you view the data in locations such as the dbo.MSP_EpmTask database table.
  • When you update a plan by submitting updates through a timesheet or tasks in Project Web App, auto approval rules may not apply the update. Instead, the approval appears on the status manager's approvals page.
  • The Configure Columns settings (for example, column width, or order) on a timesheet are reset unexpectedly to the default every time that the timesheet is refreshed.
  • When you publish a project that has a task marked as a milestone in Project 2013 to a Project server, the task is not displayed as a milestone in the timeline view in Project Web App.
  • To fix the following issue for Project Server 2013, install June 9, 2015, update for SharePoint Foundation 2013 (KB3054867):
    You cannot scroll to see all the resources on the right-side grid of the build team page if hundreds of resources are added to the project team.

How to download and install the update

Microsoft Update

Use Microsoft Update to automatically download and install the update.

Download Center

This update is also available for manual download and installation from the Microsoft Download Center.

Update information

Restart information

You may have to restart the computer after you install this update.


To apply this update, you must have Microsoft Project Server 2013 Service Pack 1 installed.

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