Visual Studio 2012 Update 5

Applies to: Visual Studio Ultimate 2012Visual Studio Premium 2012Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8


Microsoft released Visual Studio 2012 Update 5 (Visual Studio 2012.5) on August 24, 2015.

How to obtain Visual Studio 2012 Update 5

Visual Studio 2012 updates are cumulative releases that include new features and fixes that were delivered in previous Visual Studio 2012 Updates . The following download link always points you to the latest update:

How to install Visual Studio 2012 Update 5

For installation guidance about Visual Studio products, see:

Important The Visual Studio update is an update that installs on top of whatever is already installed on the computer.

New technology improvements and fixed issues in Visual Studio 2012 Update 5

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How to download Microsoft support files

Updates for other products in the Visual Studio family can be found on the Microsoft download site for Visual Studio.