Update UI to better display presence information in Skype for Business when calendar is set to out of office

Applies to: Skype for Business


This issue occurs when the Microsoft Outlook calendar of a user is set as out of office (OOF) but his or her status is still active (anything except Offline) in Microsoft Skype for Business. When this issue occurs, the presence may be interpreted as "not reachable" because the presence icon only displays the OOF state instead of the activity state. This update makes the following changes for the OOF user interface (UI) in Skype for Business: 
  • Improves the presence indicator to only display the OOF arrow icon when the user is offline.

    See the following screenshot:
    A screenshot of OOF arrow
  • Adds the secondary OOF information by an additional UI element (a purple dot) when the user is active.

    See the following screenshot:
    OOF presence with a purple dot


To apply this update, see July 14, 2015 update (KB3054946) for Skype for Business.