Airplane mode status displayed wrong in Windows 10


When running Windows 10, Airplane mode may show in the Action Center, tile, or Settings as On when it has been turned off; or it may not display as turned off when wireless networking is enabled.

 Wireless networking and other features will work when Airplane mode has been turned off, even if it is incorrectly displayed as still on.


If the computer reports to Windows that it has a battery, but also reports that it is a Desktop or Workstation instead of a Mobile device, this problem can occur. It can also occur on any device if the wireless device gets out of sync with the Windows 10 UI.


This problem is being investigated. There is no resolution at this time. For now, please ignore the airplane mode setting on the computer.

More Information

For the battery reporting issue, the device type is reported to Windows through the ACPI power platform role setting described by the following link: 


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