December 13, 2016, update for SharePoint Foundation 2013 (KB3128007)

Applies to: Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 Service Pack 1

This article describes update KB3128007 for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013, which was released on December 13, 2016. This update has a prerequisite.

Improvements and fixes

Fixes the following issues:
  • If a user name contains an apostrophe, the related SharePoint Server 2013 workflow that uses the "Assign a task" or "Start task process" action fails.
  • When some products or updates are installed on a SharePoint Server 2016-based computer, the SharePoint configuration database may be unaware of the installed product or update. This can cause a failure when the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard (PSConfig) is running to do an upgrade. The PSConfig tool will now automatically update the product and update state for the local server in the configuration database to avoid the failure.

    When you run the PSConfig, an error occurs. The error message on the result summary page or in the result summary command line output is generic and doesn't provide enough information to help fix the issue. This update now presents the detailed error message to identify which failure affects critical configuration tasks and which failure affects noncritical configuration tasks in the PSConfig summary. Error messages about missing SharePoint features now include the feature title instead of the feature GUID only. Error messages are displayed when the upgrading or updating is improved. Finally, the summary message for an upgrade failure includes instructions for how to retry the configuration tasks that failed.
  • On the multi-authentication selection page, screen readers don't announce the drop-down list of authentication providers. There's a redirect on the first index change that makes it impossible to select any other providers. This update adds a configuration flag to enable accessibility mode for this page which adds labels, so that screen readers can properly announce the page contents, disable the auto-redirect and provide a submit button in its position.
  • The Export-SPWeb operation doesn't work after you perform a Copy-SPSite operation.
  • The blog comment field isn't correctly labeled for screen readers.
  • When you tab through the Create or Edit form for calendar lists, the text box for filling in an custom category can't be focused on after you tab out of it.
  • You can't approve items if content approval is required.
  • If you only have the edit access to a document library, you can't create new documents in the document library in Office Web Apps Server 2013.
  • Screen readers can't identify the fonts and fontsize combo box controls.
  • When you click "…" (ellipses) for a document library in Internet Explorer, you receive the following error message if there are over 30 folders in the document library:
    Error: Out of stack space.
  • When you use screen readers, blank messages are displayed for empty table headers.
  • When you add a user to an Exchange connected calendar app, you receive the following error message:
    E-mail address is empty. You should set Exchange e-mail address into your user profile to retrieve calendar data from Exchange server.
  • When you search terms in a library that has thousands documents spread across multiple documents sets, the expected result isn't displayed.
  • Assume that you use the column header dropdown to apply a filter in a list view. When you select the column header dropdown again to change the filter, you receive the following error message: 
    Cannot show the value of the filter. The field may not be filterable, or the number of items returned exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.
  • The left sidebar on the Health Report page of Central Administration isn't displayed.

How to download and install the update

Download Center

This update is only available for manual download and installation from the Microsoft Download Center.

Update information


To apply this update, you must have Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 Service Pack 1 installed.

Restart information

You don't have to restart the computer after you install this update.


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