Office Mobile apps on Surface Hub don't start successfully


The Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps that are preinstalled on all Surface Hubs may crash and exit during startup.


There is a known issue with the older versions of these apps.


If the Surface Hub has (or is provided) Internet access, this issue will resolve itself within 24 hours. App updates are automatically downloaded from the Windows Store in this situation.

More Information

The apps can be manually updated by a Surface Hub administrator. To do this, the administrator must start the Settings app, navigate to the System category, and then click Open Store. After Windows Store is running, the Downloads and Updates feature can be accessed from the Store menu in the upper-right corner. When you click Check for updates, all Office Mobile apps are updated to the latest version.

Article ID: 3157405 - Last Review: Apr 20, 2016 - Revision: 1