Hybrid graphics and Vsync results in graphic “tearing” in some games and apps on Windows 10

Applies to: Windows 10


In Windows 10, if you:

  • Have a hybrid graphics system (an integrated GPU and a separate one)
  • Run a game or app in windowed mode (instead of full-screen)
  • Have Vsync enabled

You may see “tearing” (graphic corruption/distortion) in the upper-left corner of the game or app window.


This problem is due to a limitation of the hybrid graphics presentation stack in Windows 10.


To work around this issue, try running the app in full-screen mode, or disabling Vsync in the app’s options.

Note This might not work with all apps, in particular Autodesk.

More Information

This issue has only been observed on specific devices which use hybrid graphics, and with specific software. Some applications it has been reported in are: the 3DMark graphics benchmark application, Autodesk Alias AutoStudio 2016, and certain games such as Path of Exile.

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