Tips for longer battery life

Applies to: Microsoft BandMicrosoft Band 2


You can help make the batteries in your Microsoft Band last longer by turning off some features when you aren’t using them. Other features have battery-saving settings.

A full charge on your Microsoft Band can last up to 48 hours but will vary significantly depending on your settings, usage, and other factors. For example, if you receive many notifications or if you run or bike with GPS turned on, you’ll need to charge your Band more often.

When you press the action button on your Band to start an activity, it estimates how much power it will need to track that activity and compares this with the remaining battery power. If the activity will drain the battery, you’ll get a warning.

Here are some settings that can help reduce power consumption:


Battery-saving settings on your Band


From the Me Tile:


To make this change
The Run Tile
> Run with GPS


The Bike Tile
> Bike with GPS

Turn off GPS when you go for a run or a bike ride.

  • If you don’t see the Run Tile or Bike Tile, see Manage tiles and notifications to learn how to add them to your Band.
  • You can turn on GPS only during a run or bike ride. (Your Band automatically enables GPS when you use the Golf Tile.) The rest of the time, GPS is off.
  • To save battery life on your Microsoft Band, turn off GPS when using the Run Tile or Bike Tile. If you turn off GPS, the Microsoft Band app can’t show you a map of your run or ride.
  • GPS uses a lot of battery power, so it’s a good idea to charge your Band fully before you start a run or ride using GPS.
The Settings Tile
> Airplane Mode icon

Turn on Airplane Mode.

  • This turns off Bluetooth®.
  • When Airplane Mode is on, an airplane icon displays on the Me Tile.
The Settings Tile
Tools icon > Heart icon

Turn off Daily Heart Rate.

  • This turns off the continuous monitoring that helps calculate the calories you burn during the day.
  • Your Band will still monitor your heart rate during tracked activities like workouts or sleep.
The Settings Tile
> Brightness icon

Choose a lower brightness setting.

The Settings Tile
> Tools icon

Choose a lower haptic level (vibration) setting.

  • You can also reduce the number of notifications you get.

See Manage tiles and notifications for more info.

The Settings Tile
> Watch icon

Turn off Watch Mode or, if you have a Microsoft Band 2, enable Rotate On.

  • When Watch Mode is off, your Band won’t display the time continuously.
  • You can still check the time by pressing the power button to display the Me Tile.
  • When Rotate On is enabled, your Microsoft Band 2 won’t display the time unless you rotate your wrist. To enable Rotate On, tap the Settings Tile 
    The Settings Tile
    > Watch Watch icon > Watch Mode > Rotate On.
The Settings Tile
> Do Not Disturb icon

Turn on Do Not Disturb

  • While Do Not Disturb is on, your Band won’t vibrate to notify you when you receive calls, messages, or notifications.
  • Turn off Do Not Disturb when you want to start receiving notifications again.