Fix Wi-Fi problems in Windows 10

Applies to: Windows 10


Wi-Fi problems at home can slow down everyone in the house and be frustrating. If you’re a hands-on person who's usually called on to fix problems with your Wi-Fi network at home, this article can help you troubleshoot them in Windows 10.

With a few tools and some time, you can often find the problem or narrow things to fix your Wi-Fi. Before you get started with these advanced steps, make sure you’ve checked the basic things first if you’re having Wi-Fi problems.

This article is intended for people who are more advanced Windows PC users and are comfortable doing things like working in a command prompt window, running network reports, and making changes to their wireless router settings.

 SectionWhat it covers
Identify the problem you're having with Wi-FiBasic questions to answer about your Wi-Fi problems. This will help you figure out what to do next.
Wi-Fi connection icons and what they meanThe Wi-Fi icon and connection states it shows.
Check Wi-Fi drivers and settings in Windows 10Solving network adapter driver problems.
Wi-Fi problems and your home layoutThings in your home that can cause Wi-Fi problems and steps to take to try to fix things.
Analyze the wireless network reportHow to create the wireless network report, analyze it, and use it to identify and fix Wi-Fi problems.
 Tools and appsWindows 10 tools and apps you’ll need.