Portal Capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version Release


Portal capabilities version for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is now available. Please note that this upgrade does not require any solution upgrades in Dynamics 365 and the update will be deployed to the portal website automatically by Microsoft. During the update, the Portal Management page in the Dynamics 365 Administration Center will be placed in a read-only state for a short period of time.

For a full list of all portal updates released to date and their corresponding KB articles, please reference KB #3181191.

Upgrade to Portal Capabilities Version

This release includes an updated portal host only, and therefore all existing portals will be updated automatically. If you are deploying a new portal after this update is available, the deployment will automatically include all of the enhancements within this update.

Resolved Issues in Portal Capabilities Version

 Version resolves the following issues:

  • Administrators are unable to remove an existing SSL binding from the Portal Admin Center interface.
  • An Entity Text Filter search can take a lot of time to execute and a fetchxml filter with an "eq" operation does not return any search results.
  • Changes made to entity records are not reflected on the portal after the associated Dynamics 365 instance is reset.
  • In an ESS portal, clicking on the Confirm Email returns a 404 error page.
  • In an ESS portal, the preferred language for a user is not honored and the portal will instead use the default language.
  • Invalid characters entered into the domain name on the Portal Admin Center page can cause portal provisioning to fail.
  • The Custom Idea Status Reason (statuscode) can trigger an error on the portal when Ideas are filtered by status.
  • The first change made to an entity record is not reflected on the portal through cache invalidation.
  • The Portal Admin Center can hang when a user attempts to delete an SSL binding.
  • The Portal Admin Center doesn't refresh automatically after adding a new SSL binding.
  • Under some conditions, the Portal Admin Center page can time out and trigger an error when attempting to provision a portal.
  • While approving comments in a blog, a user can receive "An error has occurred while loading content required for this feature. An unknown failure has occurred. Error ID # []" message under some conditions.