Basic 3D modeling

Applies to: Windows 10

It’s easy to create and transform primitive 3D shapes in Paint 3D.

To make a cube, cylinder, or other basic 3D object, go to the 3D menu and choose from the preloaded set. Select the 3D object you want to use for your project, then click and drag in your workspace to instantly create it!

Once your 3D object has been made, a box will appear around it with a set of four manipulation tools. Using these four tools, you can rotate your object’s angle, tilt it back and forth, spin it around, and move it forward and backward in space.

Click your object to select it, then drag it around your canvas to move it around. Copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) objects to create copies, stack them on top of each other, reposition them in space, and create something new!