Remix a 3D model

Applies to: Windows 10

New to 3D? One of the fastest ways to dive in is to take one of the thousands of models available in the Remix 3D community and remix it in Paint 3D.

To check out the growing community of 3D models, open Remix 3D in your browser at, or open the Remix 3D community from the side panel within Paint 3D.

Browse the home page to find models that inspire you. Or, search for models in the search bar, like "buildings," "accessories," or "animals."

Once you find a model you’d like to make your own, open it up then select Remix in Paint 3D to open and edit the model in Paint 3D. You can add more 3D accessories from Remix 3D, stamp stickers onto the 3D surfaces, or change up the colors and materials with the Paint 3D art tools.

When you're ready to publish your remixed model back to Remix 3D, go to Menu > Upload to Remix 3D in Paint 3D. Or, select Upload on