Description of the security update for Project Server 2013: March 13, 2018

Gilt für: Microsoft Project Server 2013 Service Pack 1


This security update resolves vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office that could allow remote code execution if a user opens a specially crafted Office file. To learn more about these vulnerabilities, go to the Security Update Guide.

Note To apply this security update, you must have the release version of Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Project Server 2013 installed on the computer.

Improvements and fixes

This security update contains improvements and fixes for the following nonsecurity issues.

  • Consider the following scenario:
    • You have a Project Web App (PWA) site and Project Server 2013 in your organization.
    • You log in to the PWA instance, and then you create an enterprise custom field for the resource entity and another enterprise custom field for the project entity.
    • You start Project Professional 2013 and connect to Project Server 2013, add a resource, and set a value to its custom field.
    • You save the project and check it in.
    • In PWA, you locate the Project Center, drill into the project, and select a Project Details Page (PDP) if you have not already selected one.
    • You make a change to the project custom field and then save the project from the PDP.
    • In Project Professional 2013, you open the project and view the custom field value.

    In this situation, the value of the resource custom field is missing. 

  • The Manage Queue page may not to be loaded if there is a duplicate Reporting (Project Publish) job. In addition, you may receive the following error message:     

    Error System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added.

How to get and install the update

Method 1: Microsoft Update Catalog

To get the stand-alone package for this update, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

Method 2: Microsoft Download Center

You can get the stand-alone update package through the Microsoft Download Center. Follow the installation instructions on the download page to install the update.

More Information

Security update deployment information

For deployment information about this update, see security update deployment information: March 13, 2018.

Security update replacement information

This security update replaces previously released security update KB 4011701.

File hash information

Package name Package hash SHA 1 Package hash SHA 2
pjsrvloc2013-kb4018305-fullfile-x64-glb.exe 0F667E406B6B85BB3E54467963300C097AFCE14A 4EA0C27D8C6B2434BDFD528FD014722C3D63D44A93CCDBEC7A7D2D09D3FB6EE8

File information

The English version of this security update has the file attributes (or later file attributes) that are listed in the following table. The dates and times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The dates and times for these files on your local computer are displayed in your local time together with your current daylight-saving time (DST) bias. Additionally, the dates and times may change when you perform certain operations on the files.

How to get help and support for this security update

Help for installing updates: Windows Update FAQ

Security solutions for IT professionals: Security Support and Troubleshooting

Help for protecting your Windows-based computer from viruses and malware: Microsoft Secure

Local support according to your country: International Support

Propose a feature or provide feedback on SharePoint: SharePoint User Voice portal