Cumulative Update 05 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 (Build 16177)

Applies to: Dynamics NAV 2017

This article applies to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 for all countries and all language locales. See RELEASE NOTE Microsoft Dynamics ® NAV 2017 Russia.


This cumulative update includes all hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, including hotfixes and regulatory features that were released in previous cumulative updates.

This cumulative update replaces previously released cumulative updates. You should always install the latest cumulative update.

Note Implementing this cumulative update will require a database upgrade.

It may be necessary to update your license after implementing this hotfix to gain access to new objects included in this or a previous cumulative update (this only applies to customer licenses).

For a list of cumulative updates released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, see released cumulative updates for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 . Cumulative updates are intended for new and existing customers who are running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017.


We recommend that you contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner before you install hotfixes or updates. It is important to verify that your environment is compatible with the hotfixes or updates being installed. A hotfix or update may cause interoperability issues with customizations and third-party products that work with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

Problems that are resolved in this cumulative update

The following problems are resolved in this cumulative update:

Platform hotfixes

200823OData filters using the StartsWith() method fail to return qualifying records if the EnableODataStrictFiltering value is set to TRUE.
202751Cannot include menu suites across dependencies in extensions V1.
203220Record selection selects an incorrect record when you perform a deselection action after having selected multiple lines.
204107Multiple rows from Excel cannot be copied to the General Journal page without validation errors or warnings.
204518Query columns are bound to a reverse-sign FlowField and the sign is ignored.
204989The Post & Print to PDF function from the request window does not allow you to save PDF files.
205092Compilation of assembly error is displayed when you assign the return value of a Try function to a table field.
205162The Apply Customer Entries page does not respond well on a small screen.
205165UNBINDSUBCRIPTION in the OnBeforeCompanyOpen function crashes the client.
205247Error when logging in as a O365 user where the full name contains Hebrew characters.
205336The Excel Add-In does not correctly identify shown data as temporary and open to a data export leak.
205841Runtime error if the Mediaset is included in a query.
205844The color of the Subordinate Style property is too light compared with NAV 2013 R2 or earlier versions and cannot be easily read in lists and FactBboxes.
205981The field IDs in a dev environment only show 2 digits.
206147The Mediaset Item function does not work.
206487The Cross-Process (Multi-NST) lock that is utilized by an extension install does not handle SQL responses.
206541The task scheduler causes orphaned jobs and stops running failing jobs if the failure count exceeds a limit.
206853The client crashes when you select the Customize This Page function on the Extension Management page.

Application hotfixes

IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
204167"Metadata was unable to be retrieved for entity No__Series as it was not found" error when you use the Edit in Excel function on the No. Series page.AdministrationCOD 6710
205100When you create a new G/L account with a blank account category, the name of the G/L account that has just been entered is deleted unexpectedly.FinanceTAB 15
205313"The Assembly Header does not exist" error message on the Pick Worksheet page after you process a partial pick of a component of an assembly item by using a basic-warehouse location with the Require Shipment, Pick, and Bin Mandatory settings.FinanceCOD 900
206568The Standard Sales - Invoice report shows incorrect figures when you use the Price Incl. VAT and Invoice Discount functions. The Total Incl. VAT value is missing and the Total Excl. VAT is shown twice.FinanceREP 1306
206717When you use both deferral code and currency code with a currency exchange rate that has been changed on the purchase header, Dynamics NAV creates unexpected G/L and VAT entries.FinanceCOD 12
206827G/L inconsistency error message appears on posting a sales order with 100% prepayment, price incl. VAT, and partial shipment.FinanceCOD 80 COD 90
207186"Date is not valid" error message when you try to run the Close Income Statement report. The error message does not point to the reason for the error.FinanceREP 94
207289The SetControlAppearance function is called from the OnAfterGetRecord trigger on several pages.FinancePAG 255 PAG 256
207622The consolidation currency adjustment for closing rate accounts due to the change in exchange rate are posting with a global dimension and a dimension value inherited from other consolidated entries incorrectly.FinanceCOD 432
207797The quantity invoiced on a purchase order is not updated after you create the invoice through intercompany and there is item tracking.FinanceCOD 427
208625Sales and purchase budgets are mixed up on the Sales and Purchase Analysis By Dimensions pages.FinanceCOD 7150
208920Analysis View Budget entries are not deleted after you delete budget lines.FinanceTAB 96
208925If you use the Apply Entries function and validate the Amount to Apply value, the Applies-to ID field is set but the Applies-to ID value is not deleted when you set the Amount to Apply value to 0.FinancePAG 232 PAG 233
209068The Make Diskette action should be renamed by the Create File action because the term Diskette is outdated.FinancePAG 311
210074Rename the default dimension is not updated on the Cash Flow Manual Expenses or Revenue page.FinanceTAB 352
205169When you record an undo shipment or receipt, the user ID of the original shipment or receipt is recorded on the value entry, but not the user ID for the user who posts the undo shipment or receipt.InventoryCOD 22
205546The item number on the Post Inventory Cost to G/L report spans to multiple lines after seven or eight characters.InventoryREP 1002
205548Unreadable amounts on the Post Inventory Cost to G/L report span to multiple line unless there is wasted free space.InventoryREP 1002
205617Waste of space on the Picking List report because of large line spacing and big fonts.InventoryREP 5752
208672Slow performance when you run the Whse. Calculate Inventory report.InventoryTAB 7312
206819"The currency exchange rate on all planning lines will be updated based on the exchange rate on the sales invoice." error message if you create a sales invoice from the Job Planning Lines page with a currency even if the exchange rate does not change.JobsCOD 1002 REP 1094
204230Dimensions-single in the Work Center List page does not filter by the selected work center.ManufacturingPAG 99000755
205176The Calc. Regenerative plan is suggesting a line based on the Components at Location option when the item is an assembly item and not a component.ManufacturingCOD 99000854
205943When a Capable-To-Promise calculation is accepted from a sales order, for the suggested planned production orders in the planning worksheet, the Ref. Order No. field is incremented by more numbers (9) than what is defined in the number series line (1).ManufacturingCOD 99000886 TAB 246
206576"The length of the string is 11, but it must be less than or equal to 10 characters. Value: '200.000'' error message when you delete a line on the Planning Worksheet page.ManufacturingCOD 99000778
206650Absent registration is not considered when you use constrained capacity.ManufacturingCOD 99000810
207782Inconsistent results in the requisition worksheet depending on whether a calculate plan is run for each location separately or in one run.ManufacturingCOD 99000854 REP 699
208092A send-ahead quantity is not considered when a production order is created through the Calc. Regenerative Planning function on the Planning Worksheet page.ManufacturingCOD 99000810
203300"Interaction Template does not exist. Identification fields and values code='' error.MarketingCOD 5051
205004It is not possible to create a sales quote from an opportunity without a customer.MarketingPAG 5124 TAB 5092
208255The attachment is not embedded in the email body when you log an interaction with the Send Word Docs. as Attmt. option.MarketingCOD 5054
205113The Archive Document option is missing in the Standard Purchase – Order report.PurchaseREP 1322
208171The Payment Total field on the Vendor - Payment Receipt report should have a different caption to make clear that its purpose is for payment tolerance totals.PurchaseREP 411
209762The Buy-from Vendor No. Field is deleted after you post the receipt and re-open a drop shipment purchase order.PurchaseTAB 38
202838Sales quotes and sales orders are not automatically archived when you invoice or delete the quotes or orders.SalesCOD 5063 COD 80 COD 90 TAB 36 TAB 38
203951Inconsistent availability warnings for a sales order line.SalesCOD 311 COD 5790
205056"Quantity Invoiced must not be greater than the sum of Qty. Assigned and Qty. to Assign" error message when you try to print a blanket order with item charges which has been partially shipped and invoiced.SalesTAB 37 TAB 39
205130"An attempt was made to change an old version of a Sales Line record. The record should first be reread from the database. This is a programming error" error message when you post a sales order shipment and the item is reserved and the Calc. Inv. Discount option is enabled.SalesCOD 86 PAG 498 TAB 1003 TAB 37
205217The Release action in the Assembly Order List page does not change assembly order status when the list is opened from the sales order.SalesPAG 42 PAG 902
205340The Sales Invoice report does not print the totals section correctly when an invoice discount is involved and the last line is not a normal item line. In addition, the subtotal and the invoice discount are missing.SalesREP 206
205345The Sales Invoice report does not print the totals section correctly when the last line is an item line without an item number.SalesREP 206
205848When you post a batch for sales invoices, the Replace Posting Date value does not work with a certain Sales & Receivables setup.SalesCOD 80 COD 90
207988A reservation entry is not deleted when the assembled item with a lot number is deleted from a sales line when you use Explode BOM function.SalesCOD 63
208812The Update action does not update item budget entries in on the Sales Analysis by Dimension page.SalesTAB 7134
209663The Contact - Cover Sheet report does not print correctly and truncate values.SalesREP 5055
210199The Delete Invoiced Sales Orders function does not delete all lines and sales orders.SalesREP 299 REP 499
210214The invoice discount is not distributed to the document lines correctly in scenarios with partial invoicing, and no confirm message is shown.SalesPAG 46 PAG 54
210956The Show Matrix function does not show correct values when you run the Sales Analysis by Dimensions report.SalesPAG 7158 PAG 9227
204975"The Troubleshooting Setup already exists" error message when you set up troubleshooting for an item.ServicePAG 5993
206386When you use the functionality to undo consumption for posted service shipment lines, Dynamics NAV reverses consumption in service ledger entries, however the reversal is not reflected in the general ledger.ServiceCOD 5819
206652"Select a Dimension Value Code for the Dimension Code XX for G/L Account XX." error message if you try to post a service order which will create some rounding, and one of the dimensions on the Invoice Rounding G/L Account page is set to Code Mandatory.ServiceCOD 5986
208909The Undo Shipment and Undo Consumption functions on the Service Shipment Lines page creates new entries with the posting date from the Service Shipment header and not from the original posting date.ServiceTAB 83
206229On the Service Contract page, the Create Service Credit action is not displayed correctly.ServicePAG 6050
205167"An attempt was made to change an old version of a Warehouse Activity Line record. The record should first be reread from the database. This is a programming error" error message when you change the unit of measure on a warehouse pick.WarehouseREP 7314
207231"Qty. to Handle (Base) in Tracking Specification for Item No. X, Serial No.: Y, Lot No.: Z is currently A. It must be B" error message when you post a warehouse shipment.WarehouseCOD 7307
207780Large warehouse receipts with item tracking has posting performance problems when you create a warehouse put-away. WarehouseCOD 5760 COD 6500
207799For a warehouse employee, it is necessary to have the permission that allows changes on item cards or modifications in sales and purchase documents. This should not be necessary.WarehouseCOD 5804 COD 5895
204332When you replenish the Open Shop Floor Bin Code value for the first time through a movement, the Max. Qty. field on the Bin Content page is set to equal the quantity of the movement in the Canadian version.WarehouseCOD 7301

Local application hotfixes

AT - Austria
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
210195Although 1000 lines with 0,16 kg exist in the Intrastat journal, the total weight in the file appears with 0,00 when the authorities expect 160 kg in the Austrian version.VAT/Sales Tax/IntrastatREP 11106
203900The item tracking that has been picked is not updated on the Item Tracking Lines page after you update the Quantity per field on the Prod. Order Component List page in the Austrian version.WarehouseCOD 6500
BE - Belgium
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
206382"The operation cannot complete because it uses a feature that is not supported (.NET Framework Interoperability)" error message when you try to select a file name on the EB Payment Journal page by using the Web client in the Belgian version.FinanceREP 2000005
205106If you export documents with the PEPPOL 2.1 format, the document cannot be validated in the Belgian version.SalesXML 1600
208892VAT settlement creates wrong entries in case of non-deductible reverse charge VAT in the Belgian version.VAT/Sales Tax/IntrastatREP 20
CH - Switzerland
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
208076The Import Post Code report cannot be used anymore after a format change in the Swiss version.AdministrationREP 11502
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
208581The SetGLAccountNoInVATEntries function slows down the posting routine significantly in the DACH version.FinanceCOD 12 PAG 315 TAB 254
207617The Sales VAT Adv. Not. Acc. Proof report is even slower after the performance update in the DACH version.FinanceREP 11009 TAB 254
DE - Germany
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
207617The Sales VAT Adv. Not. Acc. Proof report is even slower after the performance update in the German version.FinanceREP 11009 TAB 254
205952It is possible to create an intrastat file although the weight mandatory information is missing in the German version.FinanceCOD 2
206401Test report does not check the missing Intratstat Code value on the Country/Region Code page in the German version.FinanceCOD 2
DK - Denmark
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
208678"The Payment Type Validation in Payment Method, FIK 71 must be Domestic or International." error message when you try to apply a payment to an invoice in the Danish version.Cash ManagementTAB 21
ES - Spain
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
203453The Total VAT Amount value is not printed correctly in the VAT Declaration page if you use the Two Columns Report option for the Template Type field in the Spanish version.FinanceREP 12
206340The New Page field does not have any effect in the VAT Statement report preview and print if the VAT Statement Name value is set up with the two-column report template in the Spanish version.FinanceREP 12
207999The opening and closing entries are not shown in the Account - Official Acc. Book report if there is only one transaction posted on the 1. January and it does not involve G/L accounts of groups 6 or 7 in the Spanish version.FinanceREP 10706
203849The Bills Account value is used incorrectly if you unapply a payment and a refund for a customer which uses the payment method that creates bills in the Spanish version.SalesCOD 12
206545The Make 347 Declaration report takes a long time to export the file in the Spanish version.VAT/Sales Tax/IntrastatREP 10707
FI - Finland
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
205808If you use the Suggest Vendor Payments function to create payments in the future, the suggested posting date does not match the date used by the Bank Payments to Send function in the Finish version.Cash ManagementREP 32000003 REP 393
FR - France
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
206410The conditions in a workflow are not kept if you switch to another language in the French version.FinanceCOD 1530
208540The G/L Detail Trial Balance report does not show entries when they have the same G/L Account, Document No., Posting Date, and Amount values in the French version.FinanceREP 10804
208795The general ledger entries with zero amount should be excluded from the Export G/L Entries - Tax Audit report in the French version.FinanceREP 10885
209012When you group entries in the Intrastat journal, the result is not correct in the French version.VAT/Sales Tax/IntrastatREP 594
IT - Italy
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
203084If you export the SEPA CT file from the payment journal, and the vendor payment lines are two or more for each payment line of the batch, the system exports the same information in the file in the Italian version.Cash ManagementCOD 1221 XML 12100
206932The Certification Utica 2017 declaration file structure has been modified and the file is no longer accepted in the Italian version.FinanceCOD 12132
204009A production order line is not removed when you delete a given production order line with dependent (make-to-order) lines in the Italian version.ManufacturingTAB 5407
NA - North America
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
205958The beginning balance line is listed twice on the Trial Balance Detail/Summary page in the American version.AdministrationREP 10021
205877The description from the Cross Reference No. value does not populate correctly on the purchase order when it is created from the Planning Worksheet page in the American version.InventoryCOD 76 TAB 246 TAB 5717
206360A negative lead time calculation is allowed (for example, 6W-8W) and it causes the planning system to hang and not respond in the American version.InventoryCOD 5404 TAB 23 TAB 27 TAB 38 TAB 39 TAB 5700 TAB 99
208266"There are multiple expiration dates registered for Lot ....." error message when you post a reclassification journal to change the expiration date in the American version.InventoryCOD 6500 COD 6501
207916Printing an order with 28 lines within a range by using the Purchase Order report will cause header values to be out of sync in the North American version.PurchaseREP 10122
210377IRS rejected a Magnetic Media file due to an invalid amount code for record A in the North American version.PurchaseREP 10115
204914Incorrect G/L deferral entries are created when a sales tax is included on a sales document in the North American version.SalesTAB 37
NL - Netherlands
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
206277The calculated amount of VAT in the Doc. Amount VAT field of the Purchase Invoice header is not correct if the VAT calculation of one of the invoice lines is set to No VAT in the Dutch version.FinanceTAB 38
NO - Norway
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
204944If you export the SEPA CT file for a vendor whose payment is set to Remittance, and the Remittance Account is set to Foreign, the content of the Recipient Ref. Abroad field of the Payment Info page are not exported to the file in the Norwegian version.Cash ManagementCOD 1221
RU - Russia
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
207730The system does not allow consecutive filling of fields in the general journal for vendors or customers who use agreements in the Russian version.FinanceTAB 81
209179The system blocks the Sales Corrective Credit Memo and Get Corr. Doc. Lines process when the Enable Red Storno value is set to Yes and you use the Customs Declaration feature in the Russian version.InventoryCOD 12422

Local regulatory features

RU - Russia
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
202215Changes in VAT Declaration (2017)Financial ManagementTAB12405, TAB12411, REP12455, REP12456, REP12461, REP14962, REP14963, COD12423, PAG12413, PAG12443

How to obtain the Microsoft Dynamics NAV update files

This update is available for manual download and installation from the Microsoft Download Center.

Which hotfix package to download

This cumulative update has multiple hotfix packages. Select and download one of the following packages depending on the country version of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 database:
CountryHotfix package
AT - AustriaDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 AT package
AU - AustraliaDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 AU package
BE - BelgiumDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 BE package
CH - SwitzerlandDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 CH package
CZ- CzechDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 CZ package
DE - Germany Download the CU 05 NAV 2017 DE package
DK - DenmarkDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 DK package
ES - SpainDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 ES package
FI - FinlandDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 FI package
FR - FranceDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 FR package
IS - IcelandDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 IS package
IT - ItalyDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 IT package
IN - IndiaDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 IN package
NA - North AmericaDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 NA package
NL - NetherlandsDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 NL package
NO - NorwayDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 NO package
NZ - New ZealandDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 NZ package
RU - RussiaDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 RU package
SE - SwedenDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 SE package
UK - United KingdomDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 UK package
All other countriesDownload the CU 05 NAV 2017 W1 package

How to install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 cumulative update

See How to install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 cumulative update .


You must have Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 installed to apply this hotfix.

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