Surface Studio cameras

S’applique à : Surface Studio 1Surface Studio 2

There are two cameras on the display of Surface Studio (1st gen) and Surface Studio 2 models.

A picture of the Surface Studio display, with labels identifying the position of the two cameras near the center at the top

The 1080p HD video (5.0 MP) camera is perfect for streaming and recording videos or making Skype video calls. Dual microphones capture the sound.

There’s also an infrared camera that’s ready to use with Windows Hello. Once it’s set up, your Surface Studio (1st gen) or Surface Studio 2 will recognize you (and only you) almost instantly. It’s faster and more secure than typing a password.

Take photos and record videos

Open the Camera app: Select the Start  button, and then select Camera.

Select the Camera or Video button in the Camera app, and then select the button again to take a picture or to record video.

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