Update your Surface Dock

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Get automatic updates for your Surface Dock

Follow the steps below to make sure your Surface Dock stays updated. 

Surface Dock

  1. Go to Download Surface Tools for IT
  2. Select Download.
  3. Under Choose the download you want, select the latest version of the Surface Dock Firmware Update. The file name will start with Surface_Dock_FWUpdate_ and a version number, and it will have a .msi file name extension at the end.

You don't need to download all the files in the software package—just select the Surface Dock Firmware Update.

  1. Select Next and follow the rest of the instructions to install the update.

After you've installed the Surface Dock Firmware Update, your Surface Dock will automatically update, and you won't have to do anything. If you'd like to install updates yourself, follow these instructions to manually update your Microsoft Surface Dock Firmware.

Note: If you are running Windows 10 in S mode you will need to switch out of S mode or use a different computer to install and update your Surface dock.

If you've done the steps above but you're Surface Dock isn't updated

Check for Windows updates

Make sure you have the latest Windows and Surface updates (these updates include Surface Dock). To see how, go to Update Windows 10. Make sure you install all updates, including optional and recommended ones. 

Try another Surface or visit a Microsoft Store

If the Surface Dock didn't update its firmware, try these same steps with another Surface device running Windows 10. Or, you can get your Surface Dock updated free of charge at a Microsoft Store near you.