Connect Office 365 to Gmail

Applies to: Office 365

To migrate Gmail mailboxes successfully, Office 365 needs to connect and communicate with Gmail. To do this, Office 365 uses a migration endpoint. Migration endpoint is a technical term that describes the settings that are used to create the connection so you can migrate the mailboxes. You create the migration endpoint in this task.

  • Go to the Exchange admin center.
  • In the Exchange admin center, go to Recipients>Migration>More>Migration endpoints.
  • Choose New to create a new migration endpoint.
  • On the Select the migration endpoint type page, choose IMAP.
  • On the IMAP migration configuration page, set IMAP server to and keep the default settings the same.
  • Choose Next. The migration service uses the settings to test the connection to Gmail system. If the connection works, the Enter general information page opens.
  • On the Enter general information page, type a Migration endpoint name—for example,Test5-endpoint. Leave the other two boxes blank to use the default values.
  • Choose New to create the migration endpoint.