Calculator in Windows 10

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What's new

  • The Calculator app for Windows 10 is a touch-friendly version of the desktop calculator in previous versions of Windows.
  • You can open multiple calculators at the same time in resizable windows on the desktop and switch between Standard, Scientific, Programmer, Date calculation, and Converter modes.

  • To get started, select the Start  button, and then select Calculator in the list of apps.

    The updated calculator app

Switch modes

  • Use Standard mode for basic math, Scientific for advanced calculations, Programmer for binary code, Date calculation for working with dates, and Converter for converting units of measurement. Select the Open Navigation  button to switch modes.
    Calculator Navigation menu

Date calculations

  • Switch to Date Calculation to calculate the diffrence between two dates or add or subtract days to a date.
    Date Calculation modes

Currency converter

  • Switch to Currency converter to convert between more than 100 different currencies from around the world. Conversion works offline too, making this mode even more useful if you are roaming internationally and do not have a data connection.
    Currency converter mode

Keep on top

  • Select the Keep on Top button in Standard mode to keep the Calculator windows on top of other windows as you work.
    Keep on Top button in Standard mode