Change desktop icon size or screen resolution

Applies to: Windows 10

If you want to change the size of what you see in Windows, here are two options to try.  

  • If you have external displays connected to your PC, before you get started, be sure to choose which display you want to change. Select Start  >Settings > System > Display, and look at the Rearrange your displays section. Next, select the display you want to change. When that's done, follow these instructions.
    Select a display to change the settings for it, or press, hold, drag to rearrange it.
  • First, try changing the size of what's on the screen. 
    • Stay in Display settings. Scroll to Scale and layout.

    • Next, in Change the size of text, apps, and other items, select an option. Typically, it's best to choose the one that's marked (Recommended).

  • If that doesn't solve your problem, try changing the screen resolution. 
    • Stay in Display settings. Scroll to Scale and layout.

    • Find Display resolution, and then choose an option. It's usually best to stick with the one that's (Recommended).

  • Note: If you see unexpected changes in your screen resolution, your graphics driver might need to be updated. To see and install available updates, select Start  >Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update
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