Change the location of your OneDrive folder

Kehtib: Windows 10OneDrive

  • Select the blue cloud  icon (OneDrive for Business) or white  cloud icon (OneDrive) in the notification area at the far right of the taskbar.
    • Note: You might need to click the Show hidden icons arrow  next to the notification area to see the OneDrive icon. If the icon doesn't appear in the notification area, OneDrive might not running. Select Start  , type OneDrive in the search box, and then select OneDrive in the search results.
  • In the Account tab, select Unlink this PC. The OneDrive setup screen will appear, but ignore it for now.
  • Next, move your OneDrive or OneDrive for Business folder. Find it in File Explorer (it's usually in C:\Users\[your username]) and select it. In the Home tab, select Move to > Choose location > Move.
    File Explorer Move to option
  • Go back to the OneDrive setup screen, select Get started, and then follow the instructions until you get to the screen where you can change your OneDrive folder's location. Select Change, choose the new folder location, and then select OK.
  • You'll see a message letting you know that the OneDrive folder in the new location already has files in it. Select Use this location, and then finish setting up OneDrive.
    • If you had chosen to sync only some folders before the reset, you'll need to do that again once sync has completed. See Choose which OneDrive folders to your computer for more information.
    • You'll need to complete this for your personal OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.