I have difficulty scrolling in some programs

Applies to: Microsoft accessoriesWindows 10Windows 8.1

Some programs do not support scrolling for anything less than a full line at a time, so they do not process scrolling instructions from a smooth scroll wheel correctly. If you have a program that scrolls too quickly, barely scrolls, or lurches forward when scrolling, you can add it to the scrolling assistance list. Then, when you use your mouse with a program that is on the list, the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software automatically detects the program and modifies the scrolling instructions to send only full lines of scrolling. If the program is later updated to support smooth scrolling, you can remove it from the scrolling assistance list to return scrolling control to the program.

Add a program to the scrolling assistance list

  1. In Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, select your device, and then select Basic settings
  2. Depending on the mouse model you are using, select Wheel or Touch Strip.
  3. Select Identify programs that don’t scroll correctly, and then select the program(s) displayed in the list. You can select multiple programs. 
  4. If the program you want is not in the list, scroll to the bottom of the list and select Manually add a program
  5. In the Add Program box, locate the program you want, and select Open. Note that the program is added to the list, and added to the scrolling assistance list. 
  6. Select Back to return to the previous screen.