I have various problems when using the mouse wheel

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When I rotate the wheel, nothing happens

If the wheel does not work in any program that has a scrollable document open (such as Microsoft Edge), make sure that wheel support is enabled.

  1. Start Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, and select Wheel.
  2. Make sure that the Vertical Scrolling check box is selected.

When I rotate the wheel, my window sometimes disappears

You can use the mouse wheel to scroll, and you can also use it as a button. Clicking the wheel switches to other open programs on your desktop. Sometimes while scrolling, you might accidentally press the wheel and unintentionally switch to another open program. This is why the active window seems to disappear, but it is actually still open on your desktop. If you want to return to the previous window, click the wheel until that window appears again, or use the Windows taskbar to switch to the window that you want.

To resolve the problem, avoid pressing down on the wheel while scrolling.
You can also disable the wheel button, if you prefer to use the wheel only for scrolling: 

  1. Start Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, and select Wheel
  2. Select Disable this button

For more help with your mouse, see Common Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center Setup Issues.