What do the keyboard LED lights mean?

Applies to: Microsoft accessories

Some Microsoft keyboards have LED lights that indicate the status of toggle keys such as Cruise Control, Macro Record, NUM LOCK, CAPS LOCK, and SCROLL LOCK.


Keyboard light Indicates that this toggle key is on Function
Num Lock NUM LOCK Toggles the 10-key pad between numbers 0-9 and functions such as HOME, END, PG UP, and PG DOWN.
CAPS LOCK CAPS LOCK Toggles between capital and lowercase letters.
scroll SCROLL LOCK (ScrLk) Used by some applications, such as Microsoft Excel, to control scrolling.
F Lock F LOCK(Function lock) Toggles between standard function keys (F1 - F12) and alternate commands, such as Help, Undo, New, and Print.
direction Direction pad mode Enables you to use the navigation pad instead of the keyboard arrow keys. To switch to Mouse mode, use the Navigation pad switch.
cruise Cruise Control Indicates that you are using Cruise Control to continue a keystroke. When you cruise with multiple keys, the LED remains on until the last cruising action is stopped.
Macro Record Macro Record The LED changes to a steady glow when you press the Macro Record key, and blinks when you start recording. It continues to blink until you press the key again to stop recording.
  Key Pad: Num Pad/ Macro Pad (Detachable) Backlighting for the detachable Num Pad/Macro Pad changes from red (Num Pad) to amber (Macro Pad).
Macro Toggle Macro Toggle Access the second set of macros. (The LED is not illuminated when you are using the first set of macros.)
Bank Switch Bank Switch Toggles between three customizable keyboard key setting banks. Identify the active bank by illuminating one of three discrete LEDs labeled 1-3. A fourth LED is illuminated when the Automatic Program Setting is detected.