Control Settings and open apps with Cortana

Applies to: CortanaWindows 10

  • Cortana is ready to help you easily find and change your PC's settings. There's no need to hunt through Settings —just open Cortana and use voice or text to open Settings and make changes.
  • Cortana can open any setting for you. For example, to open Bluetooth settings try, "Cortana, open Bluetooth settings." 
  • Cortana can also open apps on your computer. For example, try "Cortana, Open Word."
  • When you activate "Cortana" mode, Cortana will respond when you say the wake word. Note: The wake word is currently disabled in the most recent version of Cortana but will be re-enabled soon. In Windows 10, November 2019 Update and earlier versions, you can activate "Cortana" mode by opening Cortana, selecting Settings  then Talk to Cortana. Under Hey Cortana switch the toggle to on.