Update Rollup 13 for Windows Azure Pack


This article describes the issues that are fixed in Update Rollup 13 for Windows Azure Pack (WAP). This article also contains the installation instructions for the update rollup.

Issues that are fixed in this update rollup

  • Issue 1

    In an Administrator site, when you try to scale a website to Reserved mode, the scaling is unsuccessful, and you receive the following error message:
  • Issue 2

    During database creation in a tenant portal, the collation is hard-coded. After you apply this update and the database is created, the collation that's used is that of the instance of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Issue 3

    When the Internet Information Services (IIS) application pool is set to Enable 32-bit Applications =True, the system repeatedly generates errors and shuts down. Additionally, the following message is logged in the Application log:
  • Issue 4

    Three HTTP headers, x-AspNetMVC-Version, x-AspNet-Version, and x-powered-by, are removed to address security issues. These issues include those that are associated with x-build-version and x-config-version.
  • Issue 5

    After you upgrade to Windows Azure Pack Update Rollup 11, you receive the following error message when you try to add SQL Server 2008 R2 as a hosting server to your Windows Azure Pack environment:
  • Issue 6

    With this update, the customer registration wizard is removed.
  • Issue 7

    Several XML serialization issues are fixed.

Known issues

A security vulnerability exists in Update Rollup 13 for Windows Azure Pack (WAP) that causes script injection of certain symbols to bypass portal UI restrictions. The portal UI restricts certain symbols such as greater than ( < ) and less than ( > ) symbols that are needed for “<script>” injection. To resolve this issue, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

4480788 Script injection of certain symbols bypass portal UI restrictions in Update Rollup 13 for Windows Azure Pack

How to obtain and install Update Rollup 13 for Windows Azure Pack

Download information

Update packages for Windows Azure Pack are available from Microsoft Update or by manual download.

Microsoft Update

This update is available through Windows Update. When you turn on automatic updating, this update will be downloaded and installed automatically. For more information about how to get security updates automatically, see Windows Update: FAQ.

Manual download of the update package

Go to the following website to manually download the update package from the Microsoft Update Catalog: