Supported mobile operators for the Mobile Plans app in Windows 10

Applies to: Windows 10

The Mobile Plans app in Windows 10 helps you set up and manage a cellular data plan with a supported mobile operator, so you can get online using an embedded SIM (eSIM) in your PC. For more info, see Add your Windows 10 PC to your mobile account to get online.

With the Mobile Plans app you can quickly connect your Windows device to mobile operators worldwide. Check back in the Mobile Plans app as more mobile operators are added over time.

The following mobile operators currently offer plans through the Mobile Plans app:

Mobile operator (country/region) Website
Bell (Canada) Bell website
GigSky (multiple) GigSky website
KDDI (Japan) KDDI website
Lenovo Connect (multiple) Lenovo Connect website
Sprint (United States) Sprint website
Swisscom (Switzerland) Swisscom website
Tele2 (Sweden) Tele2 website
Telenor (Norway) Telenor website
Telstra (Australia) Telstra website
Ubigi (multiple) Ubigi website
Vodafone (Germany) Vodafone website