A country specific update for Russia to correct facture for advance payment (AP/AR) in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2013 R3

Applies to: Dynamics AX 2012 R3


The modification isreleased to support the recommendations formulated in The letter of FTSof Russia from 23.10.2018 N SD-4-3/20667@ "On the procedure of applicationof VAT tax rates in the transition period ".

FTS recommends that, ifbuyer pays additional tax of 2 percentage points after 01.01.2019, to considerit as a copayment amount of tax.

Thus, when customerreceives VAT copayment in the amount of 2 percentage points, he should issuecorrective factures and reflect the factures in sales book. Shipping goods(works, services) sins 01.01.2019 VAT is calculated at tax rate of 20 percent,and the above-mentioned corrective factures should be reflected in purchasebook.


If the additionalpayment of tax is made before 01.01.2019, the application of the VAT rate of20% is illegal, so such additional payment to prepayment should be consideredas a normal prepayment.

Since, on the one hand,the additional payment of tax is not the obligation of the taxpayer but only anopportunity, and on the other hand, does not carry economic benefits for any ofthe parties to the transaction, according to our expectations, the number ofadvance payments for the additional payment of tax should not be massive. Inaddition, this functionality can be used only during the transition period.

In this regard, the proposed solution provides a semi-automatic opportunity to create corrective invoices for prepayments in case of tax surcharges in 2019 and their reflection in the sales books\purchases.
  1. Register in payment journal the VAT surcharge for a prepayment received in 2018. Identify the original prepayment by filling in the field Original prepayment selecting from the previously received advance payments.
  2. Create manually in GL journal a tax transaction Accrued VAT for VAT surcharge at the rate of 20%. Identify the VAT surcharge, filling in the fields (Counteragent) and (Original prepayment).
  3. Use the menu option AR -> Periodic -> Correction prepayment facture to create a correction facture for VAT surcharge. 
  4. At the top of the form, Prepayment facture there is the presented the list of VAT surcharges. If the flag All is “ON” all VAT surcharges will be visible. If the flag All is “OFF” only the VAT surcharges will be visible without TAX transactions or without factures for TAX transactions. The lower part of the form displays tax transactions for which no Factures have been created.
  5. Create a facture by clicking the Factures button.
  6. When settling the shipment with VAT surcharge, create manually tax transaction Deducted VAT to the amount of the settlement. To identify the original prepayment and the payment order surcharge VAT, filling in the fields (Counteragent) and the (Original prepayment) by selecting from previously received advances and payments. To create entries in sales books\ purchases for offset VAT transactions, use the AR -> Periodic -> Correction prepayment factures option.
  7. Click the Facture button. The system will create entries for the of sales\purchases books based on tax transactions that are presented at the bottom of the form.
  8. You can print the invoice in the standard way.

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  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

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