December 10, 2019, update for SharePoint Enterprise Server 2016 (KB4484178)

Van toepassing: SharePoint Server 2016

This article describes update 4484178 for Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Server 2016 that was released on December 10, 2019.

Improvements and fixes

This update contains the following improvements in SharePointServer 2016:
  • Adds two new managed property settings for Search: LanguageNeutral Tokenization and Finer Query Tokenization. The propertiesare available as two check boxes when creating any new managed property, or whenediting a custom managed property. Language Neutral Tokenization is formultilingual content and Finer Query Tokenization is for the content thatcontains separators such as dots and dashes.

    Note To enable this improvement, you also have to install update 4484181 together withthis update.

  • Improves the performance of loading a page which containsSearch Result Webpart.
  • The complete-match search was working only for the farmlevel managed properties, with this update you can now use complete-matchsearch on the managed properties created in site collection level as well.
This update fixes the following issues in SharePoint Server 2016:
  • When you try to open InfoPath Filler forms from a SharePoint formslibrary, InfoPath Filler doesn't open the forms; instead you are prompted with anInternet Explorer dialog box to select Open/Save/Save as.
  • When Document ID feature is active, if you export and then importthe site collection, a "date out of range" exception occurs.
  • Fixes the issue that users can't use custom managed properties to sort the search query result. 
  • When you send email messages withmultiple attachments that have a same attachment name, the email messages aredeleted and aren't saved in a list.
  • When you open a lookup column's linkin a new window or new tab, you receive a "404 Not Found" error.
  • When a web application uses Default Configuration to configureSAML-based claims authentication with Active Directory Federation Services(ADFS) and the people picker account resolution, users from an external trusteddomain experience the following issues:
    • Theyare unable to log on to a site.
    • Theycan't be resolved by People Picker if they are set up by using ADFS with"Email" as the identity claim.
This update fixes the above issues. To enable this fix, run thefollowing commands:
$wa = Get-SPWebApplication <webapp url> 
$wa.PeoplePickerSettings.NoUpnResolveWhenResolvingEmailAddress =$true;
  • PreviewingMaster Page crashes because of a null reference exception.
  • SharePointdoesn't honor group memberships for users from trusted domains. This results inaccess denied errors to resources to which they should have access.
This update contains the following improvement and fix in ProjectServer 2016:
  • Adds the ProjectLastPublishedDatefield to Project Server OData Projects entity so you can, for example, do a REST call to get aproject's last published data.
  • You are unable to update and clear local Duration and Outline Code field lookup values through the client-side object model (CSOM).

How to download and install the update

Download Center

This update is only available for manual download and installation from the Microsoft Download Center.

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Microsoft scanned this file for viruses by using the most current virus-detection software that was available on the date that the file was posted. The file is stored on security-enhanced servers that help prevent any unauthorized changes to it.

Update information


To apply this update, you must have Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Server 2016 installed.

Restart information

You don't have to restart the computer after you install this update.

File information

For the list of files that are included in the update 4484178, download the file information.


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