Duplicate user discovery columns are created in Configuration Manager

S’applique à : System Center Configuration Manager (current branch - version 1810)


After System Center Configuration Manager current branch is updated to version 1810, multiple duplicate columns may be created in the user discovery data table (User_DISC). If this occurs, features that rely on Active Directory User Discovery data, such as collection or query results, or user-targeted software deployments, may return incomplete or incorrect results.

This scenario occurs if the following conditions are true:

  • You update to version 1810.
  • Additional attributes are collected by Active Directory User Discovery.
  • A repeated mismatch exists between the currently specified case of the attribute and a previously entered case for the attribute, as specified in the Configuration Manager console.

For example, this scenario may occur if you manually add the “Description” attribute in the Configuration Manager console, remove it, and then restore it to Active Directory User Discovery in lowercase format.

Because columns are continually added until the problem is corrected, the SMS_Message_Processing_Engine.log file may contain errors that resemble the following.

Note The specific SQL exception text may vary.

If this occurs, disable Active Directory User Discovery, and then contact Microsoft Support to correct the data issues in the environment.

This update prevents the discovery data issue after you update to version 1810. However, corrective action from Microsoft Support is necessary for any affected customers.

To determine whether a site has encountered or is susceptible to this issue, and to avoid it before you update to Configuration Manager version 1810, see 4490434: Duplicate user discovery columns in ConfigMgr- Detection Script.

Update information for System Center Configuration Manager, version 1810

This update is available for installation in the Updates and Servicing node of the Configuration Manager console on version 1810 sites.

If the service connection point is in offline mode, you must reimport the update so that it is listed in the Configuration Manager console.

For more information, see Install Updates for System Center Configuration Manager.


You must have System Center Configuration Manager, version 1810 installed to apply this update.

Restart information

You do not have to restart the computer after you apply this update.

Update replacement information

This update does not replace any previously released update.

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