Can't preview an eDiscovery search when there are multiple domains in Exchange Server 2019 and Exchange Server 2016

Applies to: Exchange Server 2019Exchange Server 2016


In the Microsoft Exchange Server 2016or Exchange Server 2019 environment that has multiple domains, you can’tpreview search results of an eDiscovery search in Exchangeadmin center (EAC). Additionally, you receive thefollowing error message:

Unable to display mailboxes


Tofix this issue, install one of the following updates:
For Exchange Server 2019, install the Cumulative Update 2 for Exchange Server 2019 or a later cumulative update for Exchange Server 2019.
For Exchange Server 2016, install the Cumulative Update 13 for Exchange Server 2016 or a later cumulative update for ExchangeServer 2016.


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