Learn more about data collection in Microsoft Edge

Applies to: PrivacyWindows 10Microsoft Edge


Help Microsoft improve our products by sending crash reports, info about how you use the browser, and websites you visit. You can control whether optional diagnostic data associated with your device is shared with Microsoft to solve product issues and help improve Microsoft products and services. The 

new Microsoft Edge 

 collects a set of required data necessary to help keep the product secure, up to date, and performing properly. Microsoft believes in and practices information collection minimization. We strive to gather only the info we need, and to store it only for as long as it’s needed to provide a service or for analysis. This includes data from testing new experiences.

Info about how you use the browser includes information about your installation of Microsoft Edge, feature usage, performance, and memory usage. For example, if you favorite a website, we’ll receive info that the favorite button was clicked and a favorite was successfully added. This data also includes performance information such as how many milliseconds it took to open a new tab.

Sending info about sites you visit in Microsoft Edge helps us understand how quickly sites load and increases the relevance of search results. This data includes the URL of the page you visit, website metrics, info about the page content, and other relevant info about the page navigation. This data is used to help improve Microsoft products and services for everyone. You can adjust these settings at any time from Microsoft Edge Privacy and services settings. For Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, this setting is determined by your Windows diagnostic data setting.

Other apps using Microsoft Edge web browser. Other applications made by Microsoft or third-party developers may use the Microsoft Edge web platform. An example may be a video streaming app that hosts the Microsoft Edge web platform to stream the video. These applications will send info about how you use the web platform and sites you visit in the application to Microsoft. This data collection is determined by your Help improve Microsoft Edge settings in Microsoft Edge Privacy and services settings.