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Using the Shortcut Key to Enable FilterKeys

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FilterKeys is an Accessibility option that you can use to control thekeyboard repeat rate and ignore repeated keys. This article discusses howto use the FilterKeys shortcut key to enable various levels of FilterKeysfunctionality.

Enabling the FilterKeys Shortcut Key

The FilterKeys shortcut key is the right SHIFT key. To enable theshortcut key to start FilterKeys functionality, use the following steps:
  1. In Control Panel, double-click Accessibility Options.
  2. Click the Keyboard tab, click Settings in the FilterKeys section, and then click the Use Shortcut check box to select it.
  3. Click OK, and then click OK again.

Description of Terms Associated with FilterKeys

SlowKeys - The sensitivity of the keyboard can be a problem, especiallyif you strike keys accidentally. SlowKeys instructs Windows to disregardkeys that are not held down for a certain period of time.

RepeatKeys - Most keyboards allow you to repeat a key just by holding itdown. If you cannot lift your fingers off the keyboard quickly enough,this can result in unintentionally repeated characters. RepeatKeys letsyou adjust the repeat rate or disable it altogether.

BounceKeys - You may "bounce" keys, resulting in double strokes of thesame key or other similar errors. BounceKeys instructs Windows to ignoreunintended keystrokes.

Description of Tones Produced by the FilterKeys Shortcut Key

If you press down and hold the right SHIFT key for four seconds, you hearthree short warning tones. No functionality is enabled with these warningtones.

If you hold the right SHIFT key for eight seconds, in addition to theprevious tones, you hear a rising tone and the following defaultFilterKeys settings (or the last settings saved) are enabled:

  • RepeatKeys: On, one second
  • SlowKeys: On, one second
  • BounceKeys: Off
If you hold the right SHIFT key for eight seconds, in addition to theprevious tones, you hear two rising tones and the following EmergencyLevel 1 FilterKeys settings are enabled:
  • RepeatKeys: Off
  • SlowKeys: Off
  • BounceKeys: On, one second
Holding down the right SHIFT key another four seconds (16 seconds total)produces three rising tones and invokes the Emergency Level 2 settingwith the following settings:
  • RepeatKeys: Off
  • SlowKeys: On, two seconds
  • BounceKeys: Off
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