Calculated field returns incorrect grand total in Excel

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In a PivotTable, Microsoft Excel may calculate an incorrect grand total for a calculated field.
This problem occurs when you use a calculated field (a field that is based on other fields) in a PivotTable, and the calculated field is defined by performing a higher order arithmetic operation, such as exponentiation, multiplication, or division on other fields in the PivotTable. For example, this problem occurs when you use a calculated field that is named Revenues that returns the multiple of the fields Units * Price. The individual items in the calculated field return the expected results. However, the grand total does not return the expected result for the calculated field.
Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.
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When a calculated field includes more than one field in the data range, Excel computes the grand total for the sum of each component field, and then performs the arithmetic operation.

For example, the following example PivotTable contains a calculated field that is named Revenue. This field is defined as Price * Units.
   A1: Sum of Revenue  B1:           C1:         D1:   A2: Product         B2: Units     C2: Price   D2: Total   A3: Alpha           B3: 1         C3: 10      D3: 10   A4:                 B4: 1 Total   C4:         D4: 10   A5: Alpha Total     B5:           C5:         D5: 10   A6: Bravo           B6: 2         C6: 11      D6: 22   A7:                 B7: 2 Total   C7:         D7: 22   A8: Bravo Total     B8:           C8:         D8: 22   A9: Charlie         B9: 3         C9: 12      D9: 36   A10:               B10: 3 Total  C10:        D10: 36   A11: Charlie Total B11:          C11:        D11: 36   A12: Grand Total   B12:          C12:        D12: 198				
The grand total of 198 does not equal the subtotals of 10+22+36, which is 68.

Excel computes the grand totals for the calculated field Revenues in one of two ways, as follows.
This is 6*33=198.
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