W4 contains special characters '???' in fields in Microsoft Business Portal HRM Self Service Suite using Microsoft Dynamics GP

The W4 is corrupt and displays question marks (???) in the fields on the W-4 form in Microsoft Business Portal Human Resource Self Service Suite using Microsoft Dynamics GP.
This is most commonly seen when using Microsoft SQL Server 2000, but has occasionally been exhibited in more recent SQL versions.  The issue can be resolved using the steps below.
Run the below scripts to resolve this issue with the current damaged W4 template: 
(NOTE:  If you are just manually installing a new W4 form template for a new year and are not experiencing the issue described above, you can skip to step 4.)

1. Make a current backup.

2. Open SQL Server Management Studio. Click on the New Query button at the top and select the company database in the drop-down list.

3. In a SQL query window, execute the script below against the COMPANY database to remove the form template for the current damaged W4:

Delete Hrm_W4Template 

4. Locate the .exe file from PartnerSource or CustomerSource that you downloaded and used to try install the current year W4 already.

NOTE: You can download it again as follows:

a. Sign into either Customer Source or Partnersource and search on 'W4' or use the direct page links below:



b. Click on the .exe file and download it to your desktop.

5. Go to your desktop and right-click on the .exe file and click Extract Files. You will see two .sql scripts listed in the extracted files. If you double-click on them, they should open in a SQL query window. (Otherwise, you can open them with notepade and copy and paste them into a SQL query window.)

6. Execute the data.hrm_w4template.sql against the Company database. (This script will look at all GP databases from the Dynamics database and rebuild the W4 information that was previously removed from the company.)

7. Execute the W4TemplateAddCurrent.sql script against the DYNAMICS database.

8. Then check in BP to see if the proper year shows on the W4 now. 

NOTE: If you download the W4 template for the next calendar year, you will not see it in business portal until your user date reaches that same year.
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