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How to restore IE 10 in Windows 7 to IE 9 - YiBaoDian

Some Window 7 users have already upgraded to the Internet Explorer 10 browser. If they want to revert back to Internet Explorer 9, how can they do?

It's easy! Just uninstall IE 10 from the programs with updates already installed and then restart the computer. The specific steps are:

1. Firstly, open the Control Panel, as shown in the following figure.

2. Next, click "Uninstall a program".

3. In the left directory, click "View installed updates".

4. In the directory of all installed updates, click to select IE 10 and click the above "Uninstall".

5. After confirming uninstallation, restart the computer.

After the above operations, your Internet Explorer browser will be restored to the previous version before upgrading to IE 10.

If not, you can also go to the Forums to look for applicable solutions.  

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