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The Smart cut and paste functionality is used to adjust the formatting for text or objects that are cut or copied and then pasted into a Word document.

The Smart cut and paste option is on by default. To clear or set this option, click Options on the Tools menu, click the Edit tab, and then click to clear or select the Smart cut and paste check box. If you want to specify default pasting options for the Smart cut and paste feature, click Settings. You can set default options for Microsoft Word or specify custom settings. This article describes the seven options in the Settings dialog box.
There are seven choices in the Individual options section in the Settings dialog box. The following table lists these options and explains how they work.
   Option                              Explanation   ------------------------------------------------------------------------   Adjust sentence and                 Adjusts spaces between words after   word spacing automatically          a paste. Removes extra spaces when                                       deleting text or adds spaces when                                       pasting text from the clipboard.   Adjust paragraph spacing            Preserves paragraph spacing when   on paste                            pasting text to prevent empty                                       paragraphs or inconsistent paragraph                                       spacing.   Adjust table formatting and         Controls paste options for   alignment on paste                  formatting and aligning tables.                                       Single Cell: Pasted as text.                                       Partial table: Pasted as rows into                                       an existing table (rather than as                                       a nested table).                                       Adding a table to an existing table:                                       The pasted table is adjusted to                                        match the existing table.    Smart style behavior                Controls style conflicts in a                                       document. Styles are handled                                       consistently when the style in the                                       document you are pasting from has                                       the same name as a style in the                                       document you are pasting to. The                                       Paste options allow you to choose                                       between keeping the formatting and                                       matching the formatting of the                                       destination document.   Merge formatting when               Controls the results when pasting   pasting from PowerPoint             from Microsoft PowerPoint.                                       Applies the formatting of                                       surrounding text or tables to the                                        pasted selection by default.                                       Applies the most recently used                                       bullet/number/list style for all                                       bulleted/numbered lists.                                       Preserves such items as tables,                                       hyperlinks, images, OLE objects,                                       and shapes.   Adjust formatting when pasting      Controls pasting results when   from Microsoft Excel                pasting data from Excel. The default                                       is to paste the data in a table in                                       the Word document. When pasting an                                       Excel chart, it is pasted as a                                        picture (uses less disk space)                                       rather than as an OLE object.                                        Link and embed options are                                       still available.   Merge pasted lists with             Controls formatting of pasted list.   surrounding lists                   List items will be formatted like                                       the surrounding lists by default.                                       The paste options allow you to                                       change the formatting of the list                                       when pasting.				
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