Run-time Error 3265 - 'Item not found in this collection' occurs when opening Building Blocks in FRx

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Run Time Error 3265 - 'Item not found in this collection' occurs when opening building blocks (Rows, Columns, Trees, Catalogs) after an upgrade to FRx version 6.X.

Potential Cause

An error occurred with the upgrade.


Attempt the upgrade again.

1. With FRx closed, browse to the SYSDATA directory of the new FRx 6.X install and locate the file SYSTEM.CFG.

2. Open the file with Notepad.

3. Delete the lines that begin with [Upgrade] and SysCode=.

4. Save the file.

5. Rerun the INSTALLASSIST.EXE file from the FD (Desktop Edition) or FP (Professional Edition) directory.

6. If the second upgrade attempt is unsuccessful, contact Technical Support for further assistance with upgrading the reports. The Technical Support team will need the INSTALLASSIST*.LOG file created from the second upgrade attempt.

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