Adding Check Number on RM Historical Aged Trial Balance

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The following steps can be used to add the check number on the Receivables Management Historical Aged Trial Balance for applied checks.

1. In Report Writer, click the Tables button. Highlight the RM_HATB_Applied_TEMP table and click Open.

2. Click Relationships and click New.

3. For the Secondary Table field, select the RM Key File.

4. For the Secondary Table Key, select Key1.

5. Select the following fields in the Primary Table column, in this order: Apply From Document Type, Apply From Document Number.

6. Click OK on the various windows until you are back to the main Report Writer window.

7. Click the Reports button and insert the RM Detail Historical Aged Trial Balance report and open it.

8. In the Report Definition window, click Tables.

9. Highlight the RM HATB Applied TEMP and click New.

10. Select the RM Key File and click OK. Close the Table Relationships window.

11. Click the Layout button and drag the field Check Number from the RM Key File into the Body section of the report. You may have to make room for it by removing other fields.

12. Save the report, and go back into Dynamics. Then grant users security to the report under Setup - System - Security.

Note: In Reports - Sales - Trial Balance, choose the Historical Aged Trial Balance. Modify the report option by marking to exclude Multicurrency information. If this modification is needed on the multicurrency report, insert the MC RM Detail Historical Aged Trial Balance in step 7 and do not modify the report option to exclude multicurrency information.

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