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You cannot play a Windows Media DRM protected file or a Zune DRM protected file on a computer that is preconfigured with Windows 7

On a computer that is preconfigured with Windows 7, you cannot play a media file. The media file is Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected or Zune DRM protected.

Additionally, you cannot purchase or play new Windows Media DRM protected media files and Zune DRM protected media files on this computer.
This issue occurs because Windows 7 is preinstalled on a new computer by using image-based Windows deployment technology.Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM systems are affected by this type of Windows 7 installation.
To resolve this issue, you must check the functionality of Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM. If Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM do not function, use the ResetDRM tool to reset DRM systems. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Test whether Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM function correctly on your computer. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Download a sample media file and save it to your computer.

      To download a sample media file, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

      Note This Windows Media DRM protected media file is a media file that requires Windows DRM and Zune DRM to be fully functional in order to play. This is to test Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM functionality and cannot resolve the issue.
    2. Open the downloaded file to play the media.

      Note If you are prompted to install a Windows Media Player component upgrade when you open the media file, click Upgrade.
    3. If you receive an error message about media usage rights when you try to play the media file, you must use the ResetDRM tool. If you do not receive an error message, go to step 3 for Microsoft Customer Support Services.
  2. To use the ResetDRM tool, follow these steps:
    Important The ResetDRM tool deletes all existing Windows Media DRM licenses and Zune DRM licenses on your current installation of Windows 7. The ResetDRM tool should only be used if all Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM content playback is nonfunctional. After the following process is complete, you have to reacquire DRM licenses for your Windows 7-based computer.
    1. Download the ResetDRM tool and save it to your desktop. To download this file, visit the following Web site:
    2. Right-click ResetDRM.exe, and then click Run as administrator to reset the Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM systems.

      Important For Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), you must set the ResetDRM.exe application to Windows 7 compatibility mode before fit will run. To do this, right-click ResetDRM.exe and click Properties and then click the Compatibility tab. Click to place a check in the checkbox for Run this program in compatibility mode for: . Select Windows 7 in the dropdown list and click OK. Follow steps in step B again.
    3. Replay the downloaded media file that was used in step 1 to re-test Windows Media DRM and Zune DRM.
    If the Windows Media DRM protected media plays successfully, the issue is resolved.
    Important After the issue is resolved, you should delete the ResetDRM.exe tool to avoid running this tool mistakenly after you have fixed this issue.
  3. Contact a support professional by E-mail, online, or phone:
Win7 Win 7 media player Zune software media does not play

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