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The Page Navigation pane is always located on the right side in Publisher 2010

Consider the following scenario:
  1. In the Microsoft Office 2010 Language Preferences dialog box, you set the display language to Arabic.
  2. You start Microsoft Office Publisher 2010. You notice that the Page Navigation pane is located on the right side.
  3. In the Show group, you click the View tab, and then you click to clear the Page Navigation check box.
  4. You exit all Office applications, and then in the Microsoft Office 2010 Language Preferences dialog box, you change the display language to English.
  5. You start Publisher 2010, and then on the View tab, you click to select the Page Navigation check box in the Show group.
In this scenario, you notice that the Page Navigation pane is still located on the right side.

Note If the display language is set to a left-to-right language (such as English) in the Microsoft Office 2010 Language Preferences dialog box, the Page Navigation pane should be located on the left side.
To work around this problem, delete the Pubcmd14.dat file from the following location before you start Publisher 2010:
Note When you delete the Pubcmd14.dat file, all customization of the Publisher 2010 user interface is lost.  

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