Many devices, such as wearable health monitors, use a website to monitor feedback, track data, or send instructions to the device. You can connect these devices in Microsoft Edge using Bluetooth or USB. Note that not all devices support web connections using USB or Bluetooth.

Allowing access

Be sure to allow only trusted websites to access your device. When you connect a website to a device, the website has access to all its data and may allow someone to control or reprogram the device through the website.

Connect a website with your device in Microsoft Edge

The exact interface for connecting a website to a device is determined by the website and may vary from the following.

  1. Connect your device by Bluetooth or a USB.

    • For Bluetooth, make sure Bluetooth is turned on for your computer and that the device you’re connecting to is on and discoverable.

    • For USB, make sure your device is on and connected by a USB cable to your computer.

  2. Open the website you want to connect with the device in Microsoft Edge.

  3. Click or tap on the page. You’ll be prompted to add a device.

  4. Select your device from the list of available devices.

  5. Click or tap Pair or Connect.

Troubleshoot connection problems

If the website can’t find your device, click or tap Search again.

If the website still can’t find your device, check to ensure that Bluetooth is turned on for your computer.

  1. Go to Start  > Settings > Bluetooth & other devices.

  2. Switch Bluetooth on.

  1. Click the Bluetooth status icon in the menu bar.

  2. Choose Turn Bluetooth On.

Disconnect connected devices

To disconnect a paired a Bluetooth device:

  • On the web page in Microsoft Edge, click or tap the Refresh icon .

To disconnect a paired USB device:

  1. In the web address bar in Microsoft Edge, click or tap the View site information icon ( or ).

  2. The site information dropdown will list your connected device.

  3. Next to your device, select X (Remove).

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