Add reporting features to a Duet Enterprise site

You can add reporting features to an existing site in Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP Server 2.0. When you add reporting features, you make it possible for site users to run SAP reports and to view those reports from the site.

For example, you might create a new site, and then decide to add reporting on the new site. In this way, site users would have convenient access to view reports that you assign to them, or to run reports that provide information they want.

Important:  Before you can add reporting features to a Duet Enterprise site, a site collection administrator must activate the Duet Enterprise Reports Content Types feature at the site collection level. If you do not know if these pre-requisites are complete, contact your site collection administrator.

To add reporting features to a Duet Enterprise site:

  1. On the site where you want to add reporting features, click the Settings icon, and then click Site settings.

  2. On the Site Settings page, in the Site Actions group, click Manage site features.

  3. On the features page list, locate Duet Enterprise Reporting, and then click Activate to turn on the reporting feature.

  4. Go to the home page of the site, and confirm that Reports and Reports Settings now appear in the Quick Launch panel.

For general information about viewing reports, see Getting started with workflows and tasks in Duet Enterprise 2.0. For information about how to configure report settings to run a report, see Use custom report settings to run a report.

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