If your form sits idle for too long, your real-time connection can break. This means you won't see the most recent updates to your form. In most cases, you can refresh your form to see the latest updates.

Here are a few scenarios you may run into if the real-time connection for your form is broken.


When you're collaborating on a form with co-authors and you try to edit a question that a co-author has already deleted, you may get an error message. Refresh your form to see the updates. 

Real-time response updates

Without a real-time connection, you won't see updates for response numbers, charts, graphs, and other details on the Responses tab of your form. If you've been away from your form, refresh your page and look for updates.  Learn more about checking and sharing form results.


If you add a question that is detected as phishing, Forms will notify you with an alert. Without real-time connection, you won't see alert notifications and may end up sending out a form that causes errors for your respondents. Before sending out a form, refresh it to see if you have any anti-phishing alerts. Learn more about Microsoft Forms and proactive phishing prevention.

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