Data Type    Date

Entry Type    Calculated

Description    The Available To field shows the end date that a resource is available for work at the units specified for the current time period.

Best Uses    Use the Available To field when you have a resource whose unit availability varies throughout the life of the project. The date shown in the Available To field indicates the end of the date range for the current period. Add the Max Units field to show the resource's unit availability during the current time period. Add the Available From field to show the date that the resource begins at this level of unit availability. Add the Available To field to a resource sheet when you want to view or filter dates in the Available To field for your resources.

Example    A new resource is starting work on this project about a month from now, on June 1. The resource will start the project working half-time, and then on September 1, she will go to 75 percent unit availability. On January 1, she will be 100 percent on the project. Use the General tab of the Resource Information dialog box to set the availability dates and their corresponding units. Then add the Available From, Available To, and Max Units fields to the resource sheet so you can always see this resource's availability for the current time period.

Remarks    You cannot directly edit the Available To field. Instead, you can set up availability dates and units on the General tab of the Resource Information dialog box. The date set for the current period is shown in the Available To field.

Because Microsoft Office Project does not use the Available To date when calculating a task or project schedule, a resource can be scheduled for work beyond the availability dates. However, in this case, Project indicates that the resource is overallocated. Project also uses the Available From and Available To dates when leveling resources.

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