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Data Type    Duration

Entry Type    Calculated or entered

Description    The baseline duration fields (Baseline1 Duration through Baseline10 Duration) store the span of time planned to complete a task. The Baseline1 Duration field stores planned duration saved with Baseline 1. Likewise, the Baseline2 Duration through Baseline10 Duration fields store planned durations for Baselines 2 through 10.

How Calculated    When you save a baseline, the baseline duration is copied from the task's total scheduled duration at that point in time. The baseline duration field that is used (Baseline1 Duration, Baseline2 Duration, and so on) depends on which baseline was saved (for example, Baseline 1, Baseline 2, and so on).

Best Uses    Add one of the Baseline1 through 10 Duration fields to a task view when you've saved more than one baseline and you want to compare planned durations against the scheduled or actual durations for tasks. With multiple baselines, you can also compare baseline durations saved at different points in the project.

Example    At the start of your project 2 months ago, you saved a project baseline. A month ago, the scope of your project changed. You made further adjustments and saved a second baseline with Baseline 1. Since then, you've made further adjustments and have saved a third baseline with Baseline 2. You now want to compare and analyze the three sets of baseline durations. You add the Baseline Duration, Baseline1 Duration, and Baseline2 Duration fields to the Task Sheet view.

Remarks    The baseline duration fields contain "0 days" until you save a corresponding baseline. You can set a baseline in the Set Baseline dialog box. Select the baseline you want: Baseline or Baseline 1 through Baseline 10. This copies the currently scheduled fields for tasks into the corresponding baseline fields. You can save up to 11 different baselines.

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